Coaching Guides For Students And Employees

One of the frequent criticisms heard from universities and employers is that many students are unprepared for life in the real world. Their education may have ticked the right boxes with regards to the curriculum but the maturity and awareness of life in the real world  in further education or as an employee is sadly underdeveloped. Keen2learn have just launched the Fink organisation guides in their business studies section to help students and people in the workplace gain encouragement from how to deal with many issues that could benefit them in their career and their employers.

Developed as a teaching resource to give guidance through coaching sessions these 48 card packs give hints and tips that are equally valid for use by students going to university as well as employees in the workplace. The range covers how to run meetings, overcome objections, set powerful objectives and how to develop a useful network. They are especially valid for the budding entrepreneur setting us their own business.