AR Fail

I bought some Top Trumps cards the other day. I was all excited because they were the new 3D ones, and I imagined that we would have a menagerie of virtual creepy-crawlies to play with and inspect.  And for a change, said crawlies would be safe from the hands of The Destroyer, sweet (though inquisitive) child she is.

I eagerly awaited the pack of Bugs.  When they arrived they were the usual excellent standard of Top Trumps cards, but a few of them had AR markers on the back.  Hardly able to contain the excitement of the children (ahem, not my excitement of course) I downloaded the software and installed it. 

Then started to smell a rat.  The first AR card started the software, and each brought up a question that could be answered from on of the other cards.  OK, nice idea, I’ll buy that.  But the only one with an actual BUG on it was the last one, which could be made to dance, jump, tickle and various other non-buglike activities.  The children were interested for about a minute but then wandered off leaving me to suspect that Top Trumps have missed a trick here.  One lousy spider?  Give me a break.  I hope Ben 10 Alien Force is better than that when it comes out.