Another Day at Sea

What on earth do you do all day when you are at sea?  You must get very bored.  Actually we love days at sea. It gives a chance to sit and read without being disturbed or distracted.  Sitting on the cabin balcony is so peaceful and quiet.  There are very few opportunities in life when we can be truly quiet.  This is one of the occasions and I have revelled in it.  For me to have read three books over about a week and a half is quite something.  
Of course there is also the time when one can just sit and watch the sea go by.  There  is so much of it and even a huge ship like Ventura seems very small in the vastness of the water.  To look around and see the line of the horizon with nothing breaking it in any direction is quite a sight.  I have tried to take a few photographs which express this sense of scale.  I don’t know whether I have managed it or not but I have enjoyed trying.  This one has a few clouds in the sky which was quite unusual for our trip.  You see others on my Flickr photo stream which have an empty sky as well as the empty sea.  
A holiday is meant to be a time apart for rest.  Days at sea can bring that rest.