A Very Special Day

Daniel by Gordon McKinlay
Daniel, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

Just in case you missed it, I became a grandparent on 28 October 2013. Daniel Alistair Shields was born in St John’s hosiptal in Livingston. This is just one of the many photos that have been taken over the last couple of weeks. You will find many more on Facebook and Flickr.

There is an overwhelming emotional reaction to this event which I have still not managed to express very well. To begin with, I am incredibly grateful. The gift of life is the most amazing thing. We should treasure each and every one. Secondly, to realise that something so small and helpless can come in to our lives and completely change everything makes me stop and wonder. There is a new person in our family. That doesn’t happen very often.

There are all sorts of other feelings and thoughts which swirl around as we come to terms with being old. Suffice to say that he is gorgeous and we pray for God’s richest blessing on his life.

Oh, and his mum could do with more than two hours sleep at a time.