DGS S5 Careers Talk Nov 2014


Good morning everyone and welcome to your careers talk.
Mick Burns
Careers Adviser
Dunbar Grammar

Today we are going to cover:
What destinations students from Dunbar Grammar follow.
Why Career Management Skills are important.
What type of animal are you!
How you engage in the career planning process.

First up – the leaver destinations.
Now for the serious bit.
Here’s what happened to the school leavers 2012/13 – a short presentation.

Career Management Skills

DGS Buzz short

Next task is to complete the Buzz Personality test here and you will be asked for animal later so make a note of it now. Make sure you look at the strengths, learning style and looking in a positive direction parts of the printout you will given at the talk.

Buzz short DGS

Anyone interested in studying Law, Architecture, Medicine or Vet Medicine should visit Pathways to the Professions here

Make sure you are registered at My World of Work here

S5 Careers Newsletter
Newsletter Complete S5 Dunbar Grammar 2014

The presentation below is a general guide and note the timings apply to making these decisions in S5 or when you are in S6.

S5 options guide

Direction is important!

Dancing hands here

Background music here