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introducing special relativity…⤴

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We’ve been looking at Einstein’s special theory of relativity this week.  Special relativity is tricky get get your head round.  Let’s start with a video about the speed of light. We watched this video in class, it follows Einstein’s thought process as he worked through his special theory of relativity. special relativity from mr mackenzie on ... Read more

H tension HW answers⤴

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I’ve marked your HW jotters and will hand them back during tomorrow’s lesson. I’ll go over the main issues in class but many of you need to review the way you attempt tension questions; use a free body diagram and only use F=ma when you know the resultant force.  These two videos should help. HW ... Read more

Newton’s third law of motion⤴

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Today we examined the importance of Newton’s 3rd law of motion. In our discussions, different explanations for the motion of jets and rockets were proposed and considered. The front runners were; at launch, the ground pushes back against a rocket during flight, air pushes back against a plane Unfortunately, the lack of ground and air (or ... Read more