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referencing guide for AH project report⤴

from @ fizzics

You should be thinking about getting some of your project report finished so there is less to do when the deadline approaches.  You can start writing up your underlying physics section and sort out the references you will include at the end of the report.  I’ve attached a guide on referencing in the Vancouver style.  ... Read morereferencing guide for AH project report

school closure work for Higher class⤴

from @ fizzics

We’ve been looking at the photoelectric effect this week.  In this video, Professor Dave reviews some of the points we covered in class. Click on the picture below to download a simulation to investigate the effect of irradiance on frequency on photocurrent.  You’ll be prompted to install Java if you don’t have it already. Once ... Read moreschool closure work for Higher class

AH revision for unit test⤴

from @ fizzics

As school is closed today, here are some revision links with you to help with preparation for the unit assessment on Monday. General Relativity HR Diagrams pp chain The link below will give you a copy of the Scholar notes for unit 1.  Log in to your Scholar account to access their tests and check ... Read moreAH revision for unit test