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Liked Re: Reflections on Transition C – Final Thoughts by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
Thank you Tom for sharing your thoughts and reflections on Transitions19 conference. I was really taken by your comment on the need for more subjective sharing from the fields, rather than relying on PhDs. I find this interesting and think that education as a whole would benefit from more sharing. H...

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Replied to Emily Howes (Twitter)
“I don’t know who loved this activity more: me or the kids 🙈🥰”

This looks like a great idea, reminds me of 8 page zines which my class love making.

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Replied to re: document.designMode by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
document.designMode is another useful tool when teaching the web and manipulation of content.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for this, a useful replacement for Mozzila’s x-ray for learning, teaching and playing with the web.

I wondered about using this on iOS and found I could make the simplest of shortcuts.



I’ve not used a shortcut for running JavaScriipt in mobile Safari before so useful to learn about completion()

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Replied to Impact (Just Trying to be Better Than Yesterday)
It’s a strange little word, impact. Impact. We hear it everywhere, use it often. ‘That action of one object forcibly coming into contact with another’ our dictionaries tell us. The impa…

I say this as one who has been blogging about teaching practice since 2011 and realise that this part of my teaching career is coming to an end. No big drama, no big story, I just don’t do it any more. But what impact has it had?


Kenny, you have had a big impact on me, one of the few blogs I subscribe to via email rather than RSS.

It has allowed me develop ideas more clearly, to articulate my thoughts on education.

speaks to me. The impact on the blogger.

I wonder if you will write in other places, another book? TES? If you do I hope you post a short note to your blog to let me and many other know.

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Garpel Water

I’ve just changed the front page of my blog.

For the last few years most of the posts I write have not made it onto the front page, ending up in the status page instead. Now everything is going to the home page.

At the end of 2014 I started experimenting with some IndieWeb technology on my blog. In 2017 I started using the beta version of, this meant I was posting on a wider variety of topics with lots of short status type posts.

I decided to keep these off the home page, reserving that for posts categorised as wwwd posts that were longer and about ‘Teaching, ict, and suchlike’. I added a status link to my menus along with a photos page. Now I’ve move back to everything on the home page.

As time went on my blogging has branched out to include recording the books I’ve read and films I’ve watched and other things. Some, not all yet, of my tweets and some of my replies to other blogs are now posted on this blog and auto post to twitter and the blog I am commenting on. I manually post the same photos to instagram as I do here and Bridgy brings back my comments to the blog.

I am not exactly breaking new indieweb ground her or even pushing very hard, but I am enjoying expanding my blogging, pulling in content posted elsewhere is the past and bringing my digital life a little closer together. I’ve changed the Status menu to Articles in case anyone is only interested in longer, likely educational, posts. As I blog more I see my blog as primarily for me with some added benefits from sharing.

Featured images, my own, the Garpel Water in Ayrshire an meandering stream.

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As I’ve mentioned before we use Apple Notes a lot in our class. If the class are writing, unless there is a need for formatting or layout, I often ask the pupils just to stick to notes.

Notes are easily AirDropped to me when I need to collect work and both pupils and myself can organise them in a fairly simple manner.

Occasionally I want to print the pupils work. Notes, reasonably enough, only lets you to print one note at a time. I wondered if there was AppleScript that would help. I found Export Apple Notes via AppleScript which exported a folder of notes to a new TextEdit document. I altered it to:

  • Allow you to choose a folder from Notes.
  • Export to an html file on disk.
  • Provided page breaks so that the notes would each print on their own page.

Not particularly pretty, I guess I could work on the styles a little.

You need to be in my lucky position of having a mac in your classroom. Mine uses the same account as my iPad which helps me organise thing a lot.

Here is the code, I suspect it could be improved. Even if you don’t use AppleScript is easy enough to run. Open the AppleScript editor, create a new script, paste the code below in and hit run. You will be asked to choose a folder and then name an html file. The file will be created and opened with your default browser.
You then can print.

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Liked Dom Pates on Twitter (Twitter)
“Key tips on mobile film making, in #DIYFimSchool Part II - consider lighting and audio, and be prepared. Plus, use apps. Hat tip to @lee_ballantyne for sharing the full resource

The linked guide looks useful and simple enough for primary school: DIY Film School