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#blogvember 7 – Work – Product Owner for Glow Blogs⤴

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I am very pleased that I’ll be continuing my part time role as product owner for Glow Blogs. When my recent contract finished in June the job was opened for applications. I was successful and am just sorting out the paper work. I do this work over an above my class teacher role. I would have been gutted if I didn’t get the job.

This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

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Liked William Rankin on Twitter (Twitter)
““Grit” is a bullshit term deployed by the privileged to valorize and naturalize their privilege… This is important reading for educators: we have to be honest about how the system is rigged.”

Which leads to Study: Poor Kids Who Believe in Meritocracy Suffer – The Atlantic from the url it looks like the original title might have been: internalizing the myth of meritocracy…

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Liked Re: Reflections on Transition C – Final Thoughts by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
Thank you Tom for sharing your thoughts and reflections on Transitions19 conference. I was really taken by your comment on the need for more subjective sharing from the fields, rather than relying on PhDs. I find this interesting and think that education as a whole would benefit from more sharing. H...

reply to aaron, document.designMode=’on’⤴

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Replied to re: document.designMode by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
document.designMode is another useful tool when teaching the web and manipulation of content.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for this, a useful replacement for Mozzila’s x-ray for learning, teaching and playing with the web.

I wondered about using this on iOS and found I could make the simplest of shortcuts.



I’ve not used a shortcut for running JavaScriipt in mobile Safari before so useful to learn about completion()

Reply to Impact⤴

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Replied to Impact (Just Trying to be Better Than Yesterday)
It’s a strange little word, impact. Impact. We hear it everywhere, use it often. ‘That action of one object forcibly coming into contact with another’ our dictionaries tell us. The impa…

I say this as one who has been blogging about teaching practice since 2011 and realise that this part of my teaching career is coming to an end. No big drama, no big story, I just don’t do it any more. But what impact has it had?


Kenny, you have had a big impact on me, one of the few blogs I subscribe to via email rather than RSS.

It has allowed me develop ideas more clearly, to articulate my thoughts on education.

speaks to me. The impact on the blogger.

I wonder if you will write in other places, another book? TES? If you do I hope you post a short note to your blog to let me and many other know.