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STEM & AiFL Online Course for Teachers⤴

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This is a really interesting opportunity for teachers of STEM subjects whether in secondary or primary schools. Futurelearn is a provider of MOOCS (Massively Open Online Courses) and is a private venture although owned by the Open University. The potential of these providers to bring us high quality free or low cost courses is immense and so it is fantastic to see an opportunity aimed at teachers and featuring Dylan William and Christine Harrison exploring Assessment in STEM education.

The course requires a commitment of 2 hours a week for 6 weeks and starts on the 23d of April.

To get more information and to sign up use the link below:


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Scottish Natural Heritage – Citizen Science in the Community (Sharing good practice event) 5th May 2015⤴

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Citizen Science in the Community Sharing Good Practice event
   Tuesday 5th May 2015 – 9.30am until 4.30pm

We are pleased to be able to offer this free opportunity for everyone who works with community groups, young people and schools in the outdoors and who has an interest in building wider engagement in citizen science activities.

More information is available via the link provided where you can also access the flyer and also the booking form, if you are interested in attending –

To register for this event, download the booking form from the link above and send it to

High School of Glasgow TeachMeet (Tuesday 10th March 2015) – Free CPD opportunity – TMTablet v5.0⤴

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High School of Glasgow

We are pleased to be able to offer you this free CPD opportunity on behalf of the High School of Glasgow.

This latest event will be taking place on the evening of Tuesday 10th March 2015 at the High School of Glasgow – in the library. TeachMeets are very informal learning events run for teachers by teachers. They are voluntary, non-commercial, free and most definitely non-profit!

These particular series of TeachMeets look at the huge opportunities for teaching and learning that mobile devices can offer. We look to bring together those who are interested in using the technologies with those who have already been using them. There are various opportunities to contribute, either by giving a short (up to 7 minutes) or very short (up to 2 minutes) presentation on any aspect of tablet use (favourite app, review of rollout, pupil experiences, tablet pitfalls and benefits, project review…); by taking part in or leading a round table discussion/workshop on some aspect of tablet use or else simply by coming along and joining in and helping to build a network of professionals who are using or interested in using tablets in education.

With regards to Professional Update, there are many ways that attendance at TeachMeet Tablet could contribute to a teacher’s Professional Learning Record, a document is attached with a few suggestions for which Standards an individual may wish to reflect upon as an attendee at or contributor to TeachMeet Tablet – TeachMeet Tablet Professional Update PDF

The full details of the TeachMeet are on the wiki page, and people can sign up on there, or by using the Google Form (links provided below).

Alternatively, anyone interested in attending could even just email me their details, and I would be delighted to add their details! My address is

I understand it is a busy time of year – as always! – but it would be great if anyone that wanted to could come along. Our previous events have brought attendees from as far away as Edinburgh, Inverclyde and even Dumfries & Galloway, and we have had a number of colleagues from the independent sector too. All the feedback we have received to date has been very positive.

Wiki Page:

Google Form:

Twitter: @TMTablet


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Probationer Induction Scheme – AifL materials⤴

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Please follow the link provided to access materials from the Assessment is for Learning course for Probationer Teachers – tool_box_handout1   Promoting Assessment in the Classroom   AiFL Part 1   AifL Part 2   AifL Part 3   AifL Part 4   AifL Part 5   AifL Part 6   AifL Part 7

Linda McGregor – Probationer Support & Supply Support⤴

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Linda McG


So this is my first time posting on a blog…….here goes! I have been in my seconded post since August and I am still finding it strange not being interrupted regularly to tie a shoelace or resolve a playground dispute over who got to be the Spiderman in the game.  I am also finding it rather refreshing  to be referred to as ‘Linda’ and not the usual cries of ‘Miss McGregor’ (or ‘Mr McGellar’ as one of my younger pupils would refer to me as.)

I am thoroughly enjoying my new post and finding it very interesting. The phrase ‘every day’s a school day’ has never been more apparent which is quite ironic considering I am no longer in school! Luckily enough I have a fantastic team around me who are always on hand to answer my cries of ‘Help!!’

My role consists of two parts – Probationer Support and Supply Support.

Probationer Support

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of our new probationers. Although my role is predominantly supporting Primary Probationers I have been lucky enough to work with all probationers on several occasions. They are a great bunch who are all very enthusiastic and have been a pleasure to work with. I have had the opportunity to devise and present training courses to the group which has been an exciting development opportunity for me.  I have had the chance to do this before but on a much smaller scale. My first thought before presenting at the welcome meeting in August was ‘They better have a microphone!’

The probationers have been out at lots of courses since August including Co-operative Learning, Assessment is for Learning and Behaviour management.  It is refreshing to see lots of the strategies from these courses shining through in the GTCS profiles which Lindsey and I have been going through this week.

I am starting my first visits to schools to meet with probationers and supporters. This is one aspect of the role I have been looking forward to as I love getting in to see different schools and see what is going on. I also look forward to being able to support in any way that I can.

Supply Support

My first few weeks in Garshake consisted of trawling through the supply list to find out who was still actively doing supply work for our authority and who was….’Aff the list!’ as we like to say. I must admit, I felt like a bit of a detective for a while.  Not an easy task!  I have put together a programme of Professional Learning for supply teachers. We now have most dates firmed up and I hope to see a lot of faces at our courses.  The courses are all on the West Dunbartonshire CPD website and we welcome Early Phase teachers as well as any other member of staff that feel they would benefit from coming along. The more the merrier!

Course Name Location Date
Child Protection Training ERS Thursday 6th November 4pm-5pm
Professional Update ERS Tuesday 25th November 4pm-5pm
Better Behaviour – Better Learning ERS Tuesday December 2nd 4pm-5.15pm
Health and Safety (Secondary Practical Skills)** ERS Provisionally December 10th and 11th
IT skills (Primary focus) ERS Wednesday 21st January 4pm-5pm
Reciprocal Reading Skills ERS Tuesday 17th February 4pm-5pm
Outdoor Learning ERS Thursday 5th March 4pm-5.30pm


I will also be chasing up Supply teachers to find out if they have had a PRD meeting. Every supply teacher is entitled to this experience whether they are working regularly in a school or not. Supply teachers who do not have access to a relevant colleague within a school are more than welcome to come to me and I can do a PRD.

I am also working on a policy for Supply teachers who are on the flexible route to full registration to ensure that they have access to relevant training opportunities and are being supported in the best way possible.

My role is beginning to develop into all sorts of different avenues. Right now I am a very buzy bee but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Linda McGregor

Probationer and Supply Support Officer


An Exchange is as good as a rest!⤴

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach in a different school environment, or even gain a taster of working at a promoted level?  If so, then the new Teacher Exchange Programme might be the initiative you have been waiting for.  The Scheme has been agreed by LNCT and is open for teachers in West Dunbartonshire Council  and is open now for applications of interest.

The main aim of the scheme is to support professional development,  giving you the safety net of a structured development opportunity for a set time before returning to your substantive post with, hopefully, enhanced skills and knowledge to add to your CV. Exchanges may be agreed where there are suitable exchange partners and a clear development opportunity can be seen.  They can last as long as 1 term to 1 full academic session, depending on the circumstances of the exchange.

Further information on this exciting new professional learning initiative can be found on the following link – LNCT AGreement No 13 Teacher Exchange Programme -  This guidance document also provides you with information on how to submit an application to participate in the exchange scheme, and  we look forward to receiving some interest in this scheme.  If you want an informal chat about the exchange programme please contact either myself, or Matthew Boyle on 01389 737371 (Linda McAlister) or 01389 737310 (Matthew Boyle).


Into Film – November 2014⤴

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Please see attached flyer in relation to Into Film’s quarterly update, with specific information relating to West Dunbartonshire – Into Film update Oct2014 West Dunbartonshire

Something to look out for in particular is the free cinema screenings available through the Into Film Festival, throughout November 2014.


GTCS – Educational research for Scotland’s teachers⤴

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The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) has launched a new online service providing all registered teachers in Scotland with free access to a collection of more than 1,700 education journals and 28 e-Books

Until now teachers’ access to educational research has been limited, with access to online research journals largely restricted to those matriculated with a university. The new GTCS service, run in collaboration with EBSCO, provides registered teachers in Scotland with the support they need to access, engage with and apply findings from educational research.

Dr Zoè Robertson, Acting Head of Educational Services at GTCS, said:

‘GTCS recognises the importance of research to teachers and Scottish education. It is essential that teachers are provided with relevant access to research publications to enable them to engage with research, and for this to become an integral part of their professional learning and Professional Update.’

‘One of the principal concerns about Professional Update is access to suitable resources for teachers. We think this free service for teachers is a good start in addressing this concern.’


The EBSCO agreement is another example of the range of free services offered to registered teachers as part of their £50 annual registration fee. The service is being run for an initial year-long trial period and is available online through each registered teacher’s personal MyGTCS account. It includes three key resources.


  1. EBSCO Education Source: a collection of over 1,700 journals, a selection of eBooks, and additional research resources in the field of education.
  2. The Leadership and Management Learning Centre: content specifically aimed at the field of leadership and management, drawing on resources from industry, as well as education.
  3. eBooks: a selection of relevant eBooks chosen by GTCS, which will operate on a lending library basis.

In addition to the launch of this new service, a Research Engagement Group (REG) has been set up to help support, promote and facilitate critical engagement with research.

A range of colleagues across the education community who are currently actively engaged with educational research and/or supporting others with this were invited to be part of the REG. It will have around 15–20 members from schools, local authorities, the independent sector, further education, universities and national bodies.

Zoè said: ‘During this initial year-long trial, we will gather data on the use of the online journals and views from users about their experiences of the EBSCO package. This will help us ensure we provide the best support to facilitate engagement and can evaluate fully the impact and effectiveness of the service.’

‘In addition, it is hoped that colleagues across the education community will also contribute to this project by promoting and supporting engagement in research and with educational journals.’

To find out more about GTCS and the EBSCO research resource, visit

To find out more about EBSCO Information Services, visit

VSCS: Uplifting Leadership Workshop 25th November 2014⤴

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Virtual Staff College Scotland are pleased to announce they are collaborating with the Scottish College for Educational Leadership to organise a workshop on “Uplifting Leadership” led by the internationally renowned academic Andy Hargreaves. The charge of £155 is £100 less that the charge being levied for similar workshops elsewhere in the UK and represents a unique opportunity to spend a day with Andy as well as receiving a copy of his book and a workbook of activities which can then be used with other staff.

If you would like to attend, please return the booking form as soon as possible to reserve a place. Please also pass this information on to anyone else who you think would be interested in attending.

Uplifting Leadership booking form v1 0                Uplifting leadership flyer v1 1