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A Gaelic Voice⤴

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CALL Scotland has been awarded funding by The Scottish Government Gaelic and Scots UnitScottish Funding CouncilScottish Qualifications Authority and Bòrd na Gàidhlig to develop, along with CereProc, a digital voice in Gaelic.

This is fabulous news and means that Gaelic users will now be able to benefit from a quality voice to support writing and/or reading.

Cereproc is the Edinburgh-based digital voice company that brought us the now familiar, Stuart and Heather that are so widely used across Scottish schools.

Read Paul’s blogpost here for all the details.

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Gaelic support from Microsoft Office⤴

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From today, users of Office 2013 and Office 365 will have access to Gaelic language support.

*Goireas-taice litreachaidh ri fhaotainn ann an Gàidhlig a-nis airson Microsoft Office.”image

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Supporting Writing Difficulties Infographic from CALL Scotland⤴

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CALL Scotland has produced a helpful and practical guide to the decision making process about how to support children with writing difficulties. Full details and rationale are on CALL Scotland’s Blog.

The poster is available in two formats: one is for printing while the second contains live links to further suggestions and resources.

CALL Scotland and ATSS worked on a Highland Version of these posters to take account of our procedures and individual pathways of support. You can obtain the Highland versions by clicking here for the print version or here for the version with links.

WD 1

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iPads for Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (iCALL) (2nd Edition)⤴

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The team at CALL Scotland has updated and expanded their iCALL book to take in new developments under IOS 7.1

This (free) book is a must for any school looking to develop support for pupils using iPads. Loads of useful information and pointers to the ‘best so far’ apps as well as tips to avoid the pitfalls.

Click image to download your copy from the CALL Scotland website.



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iPad Apps for AAC from CALL Scotland⤴

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Our friends at CALL Scotland, Sally Millar and Gillian McNeill in particular, have produced another fantastically well-considered and well-designed app wheel: this time for apps that support the development of, or the full-blown use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Read about it and download or interact with your own copy (the app icons are all linked to further info) from the CALL Scotland blog.


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