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Day 30 of 365⤴


Day 30 of 365 by Gordon McKinlay
Day 30 of 365, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

For the second last day of January I have returned to what has been a bit of a theme for the month. A short breath of air at lunch time take me past the river Cart and the watermill.

One of the interesting things about doing the photo a day challenge again this year is that I am not taking a fair number or photos with my new iPhone 5S. The quality of the images is quite nice and it fits in my pocket. It is pretty much a point and shoot with very little that the user can control. However, as someone has said in the past: “the best camera is the one ou have with you”.

Hung out to dry: Your life in pictures⤴

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Bill Viola, Nantes Triptych 1992 Imagine a washing line stretched across your lifetime. One end of the line is tied to the hospital bed that you were born in, the other to your gravestone. – Use your mother’s ankle or an urn of ashes, if you prefer. Hopefully you get the idea. Now, at the […]

Be Creatively Subversive with Windows 8⤴

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Its very often the case in education that we stumble across things by accident. And as educators, we often get to thinking – “hey, I could use that with my classes”. It’s very often not the way the thing we stumble across was meant to be used, but you know, actually, it could work with […]

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Meets the Aberdeen Pupil Voice Group⤴


aberdeenThe Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning met with pupils from the Aberdeen Pupil Voice Group on Thursday 30th January at the Scottish Parliament for a Question and Answer session on raising educational attainment. 

The Scottish Government is determined to understand better why we have an attainment gap and the actions that need to be taken to build on the momentum of our existing programme of work to raise attainment and reduce inequity in our system.

The Aberdeen Pupil Voice Group received funding to travel to the Scottish Parliament to meet with the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning to understand the national perspective on educational attainment and equality. The group also had a tour of the Parliament during their visit.

The Aberdeen Pupil Voice Group was formed in September 2012, the group aims to encourage and develop student leadership and participation in education matters in Aberdeen city.  The group was formed to allow for the creation and fostering of a sense of pride and ambition in the city of Aberdeen, which it is hoped, young people will convey to their peers and the public.  This year the group members identified, selected and gained funding to complete in two projects, which are related to Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes in Aberdeen. Their two projects are Raising Attainment and Equality in Education.

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