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Clicker Apps for iPad⤴

from @ Alan Stewart's AT Blog

There are now three Apps in the Crick stable and all have a good pedigree. All allow for the generation of personalised materials and all offer access to an ever-growing bank of resources stored at LearningGrids. – there are discrete sections for each of the apps and none appear to be interchangeable. Certain layouts and word banks can be constructed within Clicker 6 and shared with the iPad via Dropbox or email.


C Sentences Clicker Sentences (£18.99) has been around now for a few months and after a few teething problems has settled down into a useful reading tool and sentence construction tool for even very young users. The main function is to provide sentence models, on the grid, as a pop-up, and as an audio support to support the pupil’s re-building of the sentence from the automatically generated wordbank. The wordbank also provides options for support at differing levels: guided support, alphabetical, and random order to allow teachers to assess how their pupils are managing sentence construction. Activities are very easy to generate, either with saved pictures or those taken live and are easily adapted across the levels of difficulty.


I particularly like making talking books with this app – photos or clipart from a book (remember Clicker clipart is available if you’ve bought any of the Powered by Clicker series) along with text at the relevant level. We’ve even had some parents use it as a home-school diary so that the pupil can relay their news at sentence or word level when they get to class.

See it being used here.

c docs Clicker Docs (£21.99) is a fantastic, versatile tool – it’s an age-appropriate word processor with, if you want or need it, speech support, prediction support, and word bank support for writing.



See Clicker Docs in use here.

WOL Write Online (£21.99) is the newest app from Crick, and, as far as I can see, it’s almost identical to Clicker Docs apart from a different default appearance for slightly older users. Despite the two apps being almost identical and performing the same tasks for different age groups, you can’t access the resources from LearningGrids across the two apps – a bit of a cynical move, I feel, to force you into two apps when one might have been sufficient. Oddly, you can show up to 8 predictions in Clicker Docs but only 6 in Write Online despite it being aimed at older users! It’s nice, though, and I can envisage lots of students making use of it.



LearningGrids areas samples:

Clicker Sentences


Clicker Docs




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Scottish Government Modern Apprentice⤴


1 x MA Project Administrator

This post will provide administrative support. Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland. It is responsible, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the railways and trunk road networks throughout Scotland, for transport policy, aviation, ports, freight and inland waterways, and for running the national concessionary fares schemes (

This Modern Apprenticeship is based in Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ

While this will be targeted mainly at the Edinburgh teams, other areas can also be notified if working with young people who are willing to travel.

Please can you alert the relevant teams to this vacancy and ask that they encourage eligible young people to apply (16-24, unemployed, who are capable of completing an SVQ Level 2 in one year). Young people contracted to work less than 16 hrs are also eligible.

Unfortunately the Scottish Government cannot support to SVQ Level 3 young people who have already completed the SVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and they would therefore not be eligible.

Candidates should explain in their CVs specifically how they meet the competencies indicated in the post and should include a short covering letter. The specific requirements for this post are:

· Excellent organisational skills and the ability to prioritise workload.

· Ability to work effectively as part of a team.

· Good interpersonal skills.

· A good understanding of IT packages such as outlook, word, excel, powerpoint etc.

· Ability to use own initiative to move tasks forward.

· Ability to communicate effectively and confidently in writing, by telephone and face-to-face.

Closing date for applications is 3pm on Thursday 8th August . On this occasion please note that all CVs and covering letters should be sent electronically to

This position has an attractive starting salary of £15,792.

The department is keen that the successful candidate start asap, although security checks may take 6 weeks.

Modern Apprenticeship Project Administrator, Transport Scotland,

North Berwick Community Centre – Community Centre Assistant⤴


North Berwick Community Centre – Job Description: COMMUNITY ASSISTANT
RESPONSIBLE TO: Community Development Officer
Overall Purpose of the job:
To assist the community centre management team in the development of the North Berwick Community Centre, creating an inclusive programme to meet a diverse range of needs. To engage with the local community in relation to the on-going development of the Centre and to have an active role supporting the delivery of groups and activities.

Update from the University of Edinburgh⤴


The MA (Hons) Physical Education
programme with Qualified Teacher Status
prepares students to enter the teaching
profession as professional learners and agents of
change with a well-developed understanding of
scientific knowledge, historical and
contemporary issues. This enables graduates of
the programme to make a strong contribution
to the education of pupils and to the life of
More details below.

The Royal baby – Ten facts you probably didn’t already know… ;-)⤴

from @ Mimanifesto - Jaye's weblog

The whole world appears to have gone totally gaga over the birth of little Prince George of Cambridge, at least, judging by the almost constant stream of pictures and news reports on every form of news media known to man. So, in the spirit of the latest Royal birth, here are ten facts you might be surprised at about Royal babies which you can use to bore your friends and family with over the coming weeks…

1. Royal babies with the title of HRH don’t have an official surname like the rest of us, simply being known by the style HRH followed by their title and then their Christian names. All direct descendents of the reigning Monarch are entitled in theory to the title HRH but it is in the gift of the King or Queen. Of course, this latest addition to the House of Windsor could take his pick of surnames, should he really want one, with Mountbatten-Windsor, Wales, or Cambridge all being theoretically possible, but he should be prepared to change his choice when his father becomes Prince of Wales, and then King.

2. This Royal baby will be wearing disposable nappies,like most other babies born in the UK today do, and as upsetting as it might be to those of you with an Eco disposition, there won’t be a terry-towelling nappy in sight!

3. The baby will be addressed as Your Royal Highness by staff at all times, even whilst still a babe in arms, but Fortunately, his family will just call him George so he won’t grow up thinking his style of HRH is actually his name!

4. The only people present at the birth of Prince George were his parents and the medical staff on duty because the requirement for there to be a Government minister (usually the Home Secretary) present at the birth of those in line to the throne was thankfully done away with after the birth of Princess Alexandria of Kent in 1936. Even this presence of one was a huge reduction from the reported forty two people who witnessed the birth of Prince James Edward Francis in 1688 when there was great speculation about whether the new wife of King James II, Mary of Modena was genuinely pregnant.

5. This was the first time for over one hundred years that a reigning monarch has been alive to see the birth of a great grandchild in direct succession to the throne. The last time it happened was when Queen Victoria was alive to meet her new great grandson the future King Edward VIII in 1896 (she also met his two eldest siblings Albert and Mary before dying in 1901).

6. This Royal baby won’t rule over an empire like some of his more recent ancestors but he will be the head of state in sixteen countries, the Head of the Commonwealth of 54 nations, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Commander in Chief of the British Armed Forces – not a bad job if you can get it!

7. For the first time in the history of the English Monarchy, it wouldn’t have affected the order of succession if Prince George had been a Princess, as the laws of succession were changed quite recently so that girls now have equal precedence with male heirs, and therefore, Kate and William’s baby would still have been third in line to the throne whatever its gender.

8. Prince George is very distantly related to Vlad Dracul, the medieval prince on whom the Bram Stoker character Dracula was based, so let’s hope he doesn’t grow up to share his distant relative’s like of impaling his enemies on wooden stake! Incidentally, his lineage has also been traced back to a fifteenth century Sultan in the Islamic world who claimed to be an ancestor of the prophet Muhammad.

9.Royal babies are traditionally christened with water from the River Jordan in Palestine which is specially flown to London for the occasion, and this time, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is expected to do the honours a few weeks from now.

10. As befits the first Royal baby born in the age of Social Media, Prince George has had his own Twitter #Hashtag since before he was born, gathering over one hundred thousand Tweets and counting! He also already has his own Wikipedia page set up waiting for him to edit, but will he be the one able to breathe new life into MySpace? Who knows..

So there you are -ten amazing facts about Royal births from the hundreds you’ll find if you do your own search, and they are likely to be very topical for many years to come especially if William and Kate decide to have another in fairly quick succession as the media frenzy is unlikely to die down anytime soon!

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New Teaching Resources For Business Studies⤴


Keen2learn now features a range of educational games and teaching resources for business studies. The new range of business conversation cards from Fink cards, initially designed for the business community, is ideal for A level students in business studies. Developed by specialists to engender team conversation and discussion the 48-card set gives some hints, tips and advice on a variety of team practices.

Students who ultimately enter employment in business, retail and commerce will enter a team environment that may not be ideal, or suffer a feeling of being overwhelmed. The Fink business studies conversation cards provide the grounding to ensure they thrive in the new environment.

Team building, effective appraisal management and the recognition of diversity and inclusion has a greater role in the modern office where the advent of computerised systems, social networks, flexible working has impacted on the conventional team format. This places an ever-increasing need to refine the role of the team and the benefits of effective team development.

The new educational conversation cards cover specific themes such as diversity and inclusion, teambuilding, and 360° appraisal techniques. There are eight sets in the program so far but the range is bound to be enlarged as the practical and fun application of the technique catches on.