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Glow Light⤴


It seems that every time I am asked to stand up and talk about Glow my job gets a little bit easier.

The latest improvement is Glow Light, the new landing page for Glow.  Glow Light went live for many users across Scotland yesterday and marks a significant change to how people will use and view Glow because it gives users control of what they see as soon as they arrive into the Glow portal.

When you see the Glow Light page for the first time it looks like this:

It is really easy to change how Glow Light looks by removing buttons or adding new buttons (that can either take you to another favourite place within Glow or to an external favourite website).

A user can also reorder the way the buttons appear or indeed even chose to not see the Glow Light interface the next time they log on.


The background image will change every week.  We have a lovely wee bank of images to take us up until Christmas.  After that it is over to individuals, schools and Local Authorities to chose what images are displayed on the Glow Light landing page – meaning a chance for us all to showcase our work or local area to all Glow users.

The search button (seen in the middle of the new landing page) has been greatly improved too.  It is now possible to search by file type or only Glow groups.  A federated search has been added which currently means LTS Online content will also be returned when a user searches for a term from within Glow.  This can be added to in the future by searching CPD Find or Journey to Excellence content, for example.  This new improved search can be accessed from any Glow group, as well as from the Light landing page.

More information on Glow Light, including how a school ASM can turn it on can be found here.






Where has the time gone?⤴


Has it really been almost 2 months since I last blogged?  I can’t quite believe that it has been that long but a quick look at my Outlook Calendar reminds me just how busy I have been.

I started at LTS 3 weeks before the end of term, and gave up my teacher holidays into the bargain.  In truth I didn’t miss the holidays and have loved everything I have done in the last 3 months.  I was on holiday for the first 2 weeks of August and for the first time in my teaching life I took the full holiday to relax!  No emails, no work, just family and relaxation!

I am learning all the time.  The biggest change with my new job has been having to organise my own time.  In school I was used to bells and timetables; now the bells have been replaced with calendar alarms and the timetables with Scotrail!

Things have really got busy since the schools and uni’s went back.  Lot’s of training and projects planned with various people to keep me busy in the run up to SLF.  Then the 2 day conference itself will be great as I will get to meet lots more people (as well as catching up with twitter buds and friends).

I have been involved with the new Glow blogs which has been great.  I have really enjoyed understanding more about the processes that go on to make ideas a reality.  I have become more creative (thanks to my new colleague and buddy Pam) and have taken a fresh approach to the Glow groups under my charge – not just by improving how they look with new interfaces but more importantly focussing on the purpose of the group – is it clear why the group exists and does it achieve what it should?

You will notice a difference in the look and purpose of many National Curriculum groups over the coming months as many of my LTS Curriculum colleagues have been working hard on updating the national groups content and layout to make them even more user friendly.

Look out to for a new marketing campaign coming soon highlighting why we think Glow is getting better!


from @ Interim reports

Had a couple of weeks off and feeling half human again. Don’t quite know how I got to July  without having taken any annual leave….Last term was a bit hectic  but one of the more motivating times I’ve had in a while with lots of new things to learn. NQTs all finally placed for their year’s probation – we welcomed them all in the last week of June – after nagging at them all about making sure they use social media and develop a digital presence to help with their work, I felt bad that I don’t use facebook – love twitter for CPD but never gotten round to the facebook thing, so got myself in gear and organised with that. Mostly motivated to join up  so I can see my big boy’s photos of his two year trip to the Far East! Was indebted to Ollie Bray for help with presentation for the NQTs.

Looking forward to next week when I’m off the the Summer leadership school in Glasgow. Last attended this in Edinburgh for the first leadership school which was a great event.

South Lanarkshire is through to the lottery award finals with Sportworx – great to see this fab programme getting well deserved recognition.

But the best thing over the past few weeks is we are now all settled into a new office space – for the past few months I’ve been a bit of a bag lady – dragging a mobile office of ICT paperwork, primary staffing files,quality assurance etc around in a big trolley. Often to be found in car parks trying to work out the intricacies of a school’s staffing over the phone with folders all over the car, I’ve really enjoyed being able to base myself in different offices with support services, school mod etc, but it is pretty good to have my own desk and workspace with the rest of the team now!