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from @ A Curriculum for Excellence in Stirling

Hello everyone,

The Wallace cluster Primary 6 teachers are embarking on a ‘Big Task’ of ‘titanic’ proportions over the next few months.

This area of the ACE Stirling Blogsite is going to be dedicated to them.
The blog can be used in a number of ways:
1. To share how the project is developing within your own class or school
2. To ask questions of others from the mere mundane to those of hugely titanic proportion
3. To supply answers to problems that you may have already solved within your own classroom or school.

Most of all though the Blog is a means of communication between fellow colleagues who are working together on the same project so please share your thoughts, experiences, successes or failures.

All you have to do to enter the discussion is to click on the comments (by the title). This will then allow you to enter your thoughts, comments, opinions etc. You will be asked for your first name, surname and email address, but rest assured your email address will not be shown or shared.

Within the RESOURCES page of this site you will also find a number of resources linked to the Titanic ‘Big Task’. These resources will be updated on a regular basis. 

Meet Robert⤴


Robert Jones is well known across East Lothian, especially with mathematics colleagues, for his blog Jonesieboy. He sees Glow supporting teachers’ sharing of resources, particularly for the Interactive Whiteboard, but is keen to see how we support teachers in using Glow, which, after all, contains tools which are already out there for the taking.